Paddle (Hoe) from New Zealand

Title: Paddle (Hoe) from New Zealand
Description: Wooden canoe paddle, with traces of negative-resist painted scroll pattern (kowhaiwhai) on the blade. There is open-work carving of a bird’s head (manaia) at the handle-end of the shaft, and relief carving at the head-end.
Acquired in Poverty Bay, North Island, New Zealand in October 1769 during Cook’s First Voyage (1768-71)
Parkinson sketched this item (see British Library Add.Ms.23920 f.71)
Acquired from the Allan Museum
Published in Jessop, L. & Starkey, J. (1998) No Contemptible Workmanship: Material culture of the Pacific region represented in the Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne. Newcastle upon Tyne: Tyne & Wear Museums.
Date: 1760s
Dimensions:1780mm long, width of blade 130mm.
Collection: The Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne
Reference no: NEWHM: C589
Record no.:HancockC589e
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