The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Marton, Middlesbrough, UK

Information for teachers planning a visit.


Education Officers

  • Education Officers are on site to help you plan and arrange visits, organise bookings for the education suite, facilitate guided tours and workshops, advise about our facilities and recommend resources.
  • Our Education Officer can be contacted by telephoning Jenny Phillips on 01642 515656 or e mailing

The museum offers a variety of services tailor-made to suit the needs of your group. However you can still visit the museum without taking up any of these services. Advance booking for all visits is required. All bookings are subject to availability.

Curriculum based Tours and Workshops
We offer a variety of workshops, some of which have been designed to complement the Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Projects.

Captain Cook – A significant local individual from the past.
Full day guided tour and workshop
Stage: KS1 / 2
Main Subject Focus:
Cross curricular opportunities: Geography, Art, Maths, English

All aboard for an exciting voyage of Discovery! A guided tour of the museum and interactive workshop will fully immerse children in the theme of Captain Cook as a significant person in their own locality. Learn about his life story from his humble beginnings through to his accomplishments on his voyages around the world.

Australian Aboriginal Myths and Legends
Half day taught session
Stage: KS1 / 2
Main Subject Focus: English - Story building
Cross-curricular opportunities: History, art

A trip down under to our Walkabout gallery will give children an opportunity to learn more about Australian Aboriginal wildlife, people, their stories, and culture.

Polar Worlds (frozen Kingdoms)
Half day taught session
Stage: KS2
Main Subject Focus: Geography

Captain Cook was the first ever recorded person to cross both the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Research simplified accounts of Captain Cook’s voyages in these regions. Come face to face with some of the creatures encountered by Cook in these frozen lands. Children will gain an understanding of the extreme temperatures endured and how animals and people have adapted to survive in these challenging parts of the world.

Captain Cook in North America  (Road Trip USA)
Half day taught session which can be extended to a full day by looking at different types of traditional North American habitations in Stewart Park.
Stage: KS2
Main Subject Focus: Geography
Cross curricular opportunities: History, Art, English

Trace Captain Cook’s voyage along America’s Northwest coast. Use the displays and our totem poles to research the homes and lifestyle of the tribe whom Cook came into contact with. Children will leave with their own totem carving and will be more familiar with myths and legends from around the world.

Pacific Predators (Blue Abyss)
Half day taught session
Stage: KS2
Main Subject Focus:
Cross-curricular opportunities: Art, Geography, History

Learn more about the mysterious underwater world where there will be opportunities to learn about adaptations and food webs. Use microscopes and sea creatures in the museum’s collection for detailed observational drawings.

Pirates, Treasure & Scurvy
90 minute visit
Stage: EYFS / lower KS1

Welcome on board landlubbers! Learn more about the Endeavour and the disgusting habits of pirates and sailors in the 18th Century. Simple role playing and singing activities using all the senses will get young trainee pirates in the mood for a treasure hunt around the museum. This 90 minute visit will give children a real opportunity get into character and broaden their understanding of the world.

Can we Explore It?
90 minute visit
Stage: EYFS and KS1

All aboard! We’re off on an Australian adventure. Learn more about how to get there and discover how long it takes to travel to the other side of the world. We’ll learn all about the weather, the animals and the people.  Listen to short stories about iconic animals and objects from Australia before decorating our own aboriginal cave full of signs and symbols from these vibrant tales.

Local History Study (Urban Pioneers and Street Detectives)
Full day tour and workshop
Stage: KS1/KS2
Main Subject Focus:

Immerse yourself in Marton’s history. A study in time from the Domesday Book through to the present day. Prepare to be amazed at the extraordinary history of this beautiful park through a series of fast paced activities including looking for clues, identifying mystery objects and looking closely at maps and images from days gone by.

This is an outdoor workshop and run jointly with the Stewart Park Team from Askham Bryan College. In order for children to see features for themselves they will need to spend time outdoors. Please ensure all children come suitably dressed for this workshop.

Habitats and Adaptations (Predator and Darwin’s Delights)
Half day
Stage: KS2
Main Curriculum focus: Science

Get up close and personal with the museum’s incredible wildlife. Visit different habitats around the world. Handle specimens including skulls, jaws and claws. Carry out simple experiments to support evidence for specific adaptations. This workshop will give children a real idea of the diversity of the natural world and encourage children to investigate why different animals live in different habitats.

The world of plants (Scented Garden)
Half day
Stage: KS1

Main Curriculum focus: Science

From tea tree oil to eucalyptus. This workshop uses all the senses to discover more about important plants recorded on Captain Cook’s voyages. Children will learn more about the art of recording and preserving plants and of course create their own scented keepsake to take back to class.



Self-led sessions: Pre-booking is essential.
Our standard admission charge of £2.50 per child and £4 for adults applies to all self-led visits, with 1 Adult free for every 10 children.
If you require a space for lunch our education suite can accommodate up to 60 children, room booking is essential and will be at additional cost.

Museum Staff-Led Sessions:
Sessions run from either 10am to 12 noon or 1pm to 2.30pm. All day sessions from 10am to 2.30pm are also available. A full day visit is recommended for groups with an Education Officer. Most sessions can accommodate a maximum of 60 children. Booking is essential.

Please contact the Education Officer to discuss your particular project needs.

Our Charges for 2021-22

  • £60 + VAT per class (max 30 children) for a half day museum staff-led session
  • £120 + VAT per class (max 30 children) for a full day museum staff-led session
  • £0.50 per child for museum entry in addition to session cost.
  • Space for lunch is provided when booking sessions led by the museum staff
  • Self led sessions- normal admission applies (1 free adult per 10 paying children)
  • Cost for hire of Endeavour (lunch) room for self led visits is £60 + VAT for a half day.


Loans boxes

We have a number of Loans Boxes filled with ideas and resources to bring your classroom to life with pre- and post-visit activities.

There is a charge of £20 + VAT per half term (6 weeks)per Loans Box. Preference is given to schools visiting the museum. Schools must pick up and return each Loans Box.

Booking is essential by telephoning Jenny Phillips on 01642 515656 or e-mail

Teacher's Pack

A teacher's CD is available to assist teachers and group leaders in organising their visit. Included in the pack are information sheets, pupil worksheets and on-site activity ideas. The pack is available from the museum shop price £3 or £4 mail order.

Museum Facilities

  • The museum has 2 lifts that allow for wheelchair and pram access to every floor in the museum.
  • There is a disabled badge holder’s parking bay at the front of the museum. Access to this car park is via The Grove entrance to Stewart Park.
  • A wheelchair is available for use by visitors. Prior notice is preferred.
  • A disabled toilet is located on the ground floor
  • The Education Centre (Mess Deck)can accommodate up to 60 children. It is a bright, stimulating classroom packed with information, resources and ideas. This room is used for interactive workshops for visiting groups with and Education Officer.
  • Walkabout Gallery hosts a collection of objects and animals naitive to Australia.
  • A shop is housed in the reception area, which sells a range of stock, from “pocket money items” to quality gifts. A £2 googie bag can be ordered in advance when booking your visit.
  • Male, Female and disabled toilets are located close to the main entrance of the museum.


  • The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum is operated by Middlesbrough Council. It is governed by all the normal local authority regulations and insurances.
  • To gain the most from their visit children should be closely supervised. We suggest a ratio of 1 adult per 10 children.
  • We suggest that you bring a maximum of 60 children on self-led visits. It will be useful to split into smaller groups of 30 and stagger entry by around 10 minutes to avoid bottlenecks.
  • A visit can take from 2 hours to a full day. The museum offers free admission for teachers prior to their class visit to aid planning.
  • To prevent bottlenecks in the reception area please arrange for small groups to visit the shop at separate times during your visit.




Making a Mark

Making a Mark is a partnership project between eight Tees Valley museums and the National Portrait Gallery. It is part of the Museums and Schools Programme 201217 funded by DfE extended utill March 2018.

Making a Mark can support units in the new curriculum in Science, Geography, Art and Design and English as well as new Local History study units.

Making a Mark encourages students to understand more about, and feel proud of, their local heritage and in so doing raises their aspirations. It aims to increase the number of high-quality educational visits by schools in areas that currently have lower than average cultural engagement. This work is closely supported by the Arts Council and regional bridge organisations.

Making a Mark is funded by DFE and is part of the Arts Councils Museums and Schools initiative.

For more information and resources vist the Making a Mark website: